Participation in ICANN


The NRO participates in various ICANN groups and bodies. The NRO may appoint members of the NRO Executive Council (NRO EC), RIR staff, RIR Board members, members of the ASO AC or community representatives to ICANN groups or bodies. The NRO EC may also ask the ASO AC or the RIR communities to appoint representatives to ICANN groups or bodies.  

Group/Body Appointed by Representatives
 IANA Intellectual Property Rights Community Coordination Group (CCG) NRO NRO Chair
NRO Secretar
NRO Treasurer
 Cross Community Working Group WorkStream 2 (CCWG-Accountability) ?? Current:

  • Fiona Asonga (AFRINIC)
  • Athina Fragkoulli (RIPE NCC staff)
  • Jorge Villa (LACNIC)
  • Michael Abejuela (ARIN staff)
  • Izumi Okutani (APNIC Board)
 Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance (CCWG-IG)  ?? Current:

  • Filiz Yilmaz (RIPE)
  • Martin Levy (ARIN)
  • Naresh Ajwani (APNIC)
  • Louie Lee (ARIN)
Cross Community Working Group on New gTLD Auction Proceeds  (CCWG-Auction)  ?? Current:

  • Sylvia Cadena (APNIC)
  • Carolina Caeiro (LACNIC),
  • Douglas Onyango (AFRINIC)


ICANN Budget Working Group NRO
  • NRO Chair
  • NRO Secretary
  • NRO Treasurer
 ICANN Board Nomination Committee (NomCom) ASO AC 2018:

  • Brajesh Jain
 Security, Stability, and Resiliency (SSR2) NRO Current:

  • Geoff Huston (APNIC staff)
  • Kaveh Ranjbar (RIPE NCC staff)
 The ICANN Academy Cross-Community Committee (ICANN-Academy) ??? Current:

  • Fiona Asonga (through AFRALO)
 Multistakeholder Ethos Award Community Selection Panel NRO 2018:

  • Paul Wilson
  • Aftab Siddiqui


  • John Curran
  • Filiz Yilmaz
ICANN Empowered Community  NRO
  • Empowered Community Decisional Participant Representative: NRO Chair
  • The Empowered Community Administration Representative
  • (NRO Secretary)
 Root Zone Evolution Review Committee (ICANN-RZERC)  NRO
  • Carlos Martinez (LACNIC staff)



















Last modified on 27/06/2018